Product Questions

There are many things that make Triple 60's Whyte Carbon products unique, from the material we put inside the carbon fiber tubes, which dampens vibration and alters the sound profile, to the seamless construction which provides the perfect radial symmetry and thus consistency - for more information, read our 'technology page'.

We have a process that winds carbon fiber around the core of the shaft providing an added dimension of strength and consistency when applying English in the cue ball.

See here: Adapters

Yes - we offer fully customizable shaft options, including longer, heavier (or lighter), and more options.

Yes - our customization process includes the ability to move the weighting forward or backward

We offer more tip diameters than almost anyone in the market - 11.75mm, 12mm, 12.25mm, 12.5mm, and 12.75mm

Company Questions

Triple 60 is the Parent Brand. Whyte Carbon is a product family with many additional product families to be launched in the future.

As a quiet 'nod' to the most played version of billiards, 8-Ball, the rack is comprised of 3 60-degree angles - hence triple 60.

C'mon - you didn't expect us to spoil the surprise, did you? But you can be sure it is designed to bring something to billiards players that you can't find anywhere else...