The latest player to switch to Whyte Carbon

Whyte Carbon is now a part of Triple 60

Premium carbon shafts for serious pool players, setting new standards for performance and adaptability in cue sports.

Shafts Built to [out]Perform

Our seamless shaft construction provides uniform bending properties and radial symmetry, which lowers ball deflection and offers more predictability than the traditional wood or carbon shafts currently in the marketplace.

Incompatibility Solved

Our Patent-Pending universal adapter system solves the issue of joint pin type incompatibility once and for all.

Find Your Perfect Cue

Play Shafts

Versatile shafts for precise control and enhanced accuracy, making every shot a pleasure.

Break Shafts

Powerful cues designed for explosive breaks and optimal control over the cue ball.

Jump Shafts - Coming Soon

Specialized cues for mastering jump shots, providing exceptional lift and control.

Micro Compression Technology

Triple 60 shafts offer the latest in composite tubular process technology and materials.

Adapter System

For the first time ever, you can attach any handle to the same shaft, using our patent-pending universal adapter system.

Shaft Customization

Select the look, weight, balance point, stiffness, and tip diameter to create a cue personalized just for you.

Pro Players