Have played for 30+ years only once have I had a cue that really felt natural. That was an old Falcon. Recently have tried 7 different carbon shafts on my cue. After first going with the cuetec that I was use to from a previous cue. But always go back to wood. But I teach a lot of billiards as a PBIA instructor. So I wanted to find a carbon that felt right. Well this is it. I have never enjoyed shoot this much. Never has the game and s*** felt so natural and like extension of myself. I call it “WOOD ON STEROIDS!!” Plays similar to wood with more feedback no ping or over stiffness. The game as it was intended. And being able to change joints is just an added bonus to the best playing shaft on the market any day.

Kevin Burris: PBIA Instructor Carthage, TN


Whyte Raw Carbon Player Shaft – I have played with multiple “top of the line” carbon fiber shafts and always found myself eventually going back to a wood shaft. Mainly because I felt like the carbon fiber shaft NEVER played like I imagined it would. I felt I was sacrificing something to have a shaft with low deflection. Then I tried the Whyte Raw Carbon fiber shaft and HANDS DOWN the best carbon fiber shaft or any shaft I have ever played with, no sacrificing needed! Within taking the first few shots, I immediately knew this was the shaft I was looking for! I am nowhere close to being a great shooter but my game has significantly improved with this shaft. And to top it off, if I decide to change cues, I can easily change the adapter and don’t have to dish out the $$$ for another carbon fiber!  

    John White: Billiard Brothers LLC Denham Springs, LA



"I've been playing pool for over 25 years. I've played with over 15 cue manufacturers. I've never had the power without sacrificing feel and touch like I have had with the Whyte Carbon shaft. This shaft has lifted my game a full level. And, that speaks nothing to the interchangeable joint system which will take the industry by storm! Switching shafts to the Whyte Carbon is the closest thing I have found to a 'magic pill' in pool!"

Neight Mindham: Madison, WI:


"Looking forward to a custom personalize cue. Love your approach and technology. From one engineer to another, you've hit the 10 ring dead center."

Mike Stima Tampa, FL: 


"I wanted to comment on the shaft I ordered from you . It plays amazing . I was using a name brand carbon shaft before and after 2 days of playing with the one I got from  you , I gave my other one to my wife who is just learning to play . I am amazed as to how well it hits , no deflection at all , even on a mis hit there is no vibration .The action and precision cannot be beat in my book .The fact that you can change the insert to fit any shaft is a very convenient factor  , I currently shoot with a Predator Ikon series and also a Schon at times, I have both inserts and use same shaft on both. I have let my friends hit some balls with it and they all love it as well . Giving a 5 + star rating."

Brad Ferrell Knoxville, TN:



I would like to give whyte carbon a huge thumb’s up. They engineered and manufactured an awesome carbon fiber shaft   It really does feel like wood shaft.  And it really does perform like a carbon fiber shaft. And I love that it doesn’t make that tinging noise when hitting a ball. And the insert that’s interchangeable for different pins is awesome. I can change sticks and never have to buy another shaft.

Mickey Verenski
Temple, Texas


I love the shaft.  The stroke, the unnoticeable deflection, the balance, it's all wonderful.  I have more confidence in my shots using it.  I have recommended it to everyone that has asked me about it and what I think they should do as far as a new cue/shaft. 

Thank you for having such a great product and at a great price!  I'm definitely going to be using this shaft for many, many years to come. 

Raymond Clinard
Charlie's Cuez
Temple, Texas