WOOD ON STEROIDS!! Have played for 30+ years only once have I had a cue that really felt natural. That was an old Falcon. Recently have tried 7 different carbon shafts on my cue. After first going with the cuetec that I was use to from a previous cue. But always go back to wood. But I teach a lot of billiards as a PBIA instructor. So I wanted to find a carbon that felt right. Well this is it. I have never enjoyed shoot this much. Never has the game and shit felt so natural and like extension of myself. I call it “WOOD ON STEROIDS!!” Plays similar to wood with more feedback no ping or over stiffness. The game as it was intended. And being able to change joints is just an added bonus to the best playing shaft on the market any day.

Kevin Burris, PBIA Instructor, Carthage, TN