Our Technology

Micro Compression Tech

Whyte Carbon shafts are produced with a  totally unique process offering the latest in composite tubular process technology and materials. Our seamless shaft constructions feature uniform bending properties and radial symmetry which lowers ball deflection and offers significantly more predictability than the traditional wood or carbon shafts currently in the marketplace.

Seamless Construction

Our shafts are processed from a single bundle of carbon fiber for a true seamless construction that eliminates the inconsistencies as compared to traditional “sheet wrap” construction that leaves a seam along the entire shaft length.

Innovative Problem Solving

For a sport that has been around as long and has remained as relatively unchanged as billiards, it would be easy to think that there was little room left for innovation. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at Whyte Carbon, we realized that there was a stagnation occurring and our belief is that with stagnation comes opportunity. Manufacturing techniques are constantly evolving and a major innovation from other sports hadn’t yet been adapted to billiards. We used our extensive composites product experience and knowledge to adapt our proprietary cutting edge seamless process technology to billiard shafts. We also felt that the incompatibility issues between handles and shafts due to the lack of standardization in joint types needed to be solved.

The combination of new manufacturing processes and the need for compatibility improvements led to the creation of Whyte Carbon.

Founding a company on two major innovations is one thing, but building a business with viable products is another challenge entirely. We set out on a mission to use this foundation as both a launching point and a guiding light and started the trial and error process of matching machine-shop building techniques with real-world performance benefits. We teamed up with a group of top-level players and began an iterative process of build/test/repeat, adjusting not only the carbon fiber structure itself, but the internal components within the carbon fiber tube that can dramatically alter the feel of a cue on every ball strike.

As our process continued, we honed our product line and offering into what you see here today. All of our shaft and cues are built to the same basic specifications, then customized to suit your personal demands. Start by choosing the shaft color that matches your personal style, then select the length, stiffness, and tip OD to match your playing preferences. Then select one or more adapters to fit your collection of handles and we’ll custom build your cue to order, package it, and ship it out, directly from our door to yours.