Our Players

Margaret Fefilova Styer

Margarita - or Margaret as she's often known, was born in Belarus, but now calls USA home. She currently lives in Wisconsin, just a short drive from the Triple 60 factory, where she loves to visit to test out the latest products. 

Margaret joined Triple 60 after trying the Raw Black shaft and loving the feel and feedback she gets from the shaft. "When I first picked Viking cue with the Whyte Carbon Shaft, it blew my mind… I have never had a shaft that has such a precise combination of power, feel, and deflection amount, that is just right. It felt so good from the beginning. I knew it was “The One”."

Margaret won the 2019 European 9-Ball Championship, multiple other National Titles, and is currently (May 2024) ranked #4 in the world by the WPBA.